Women's SAFE House

An addiction to drugs or alcohol shatters lives. The long-term effect can seem irreversible to the addict or the alcoholic. There are hundreds if not thousands of women in Champaign County alone suffering from dependency to either drugs or alcohol, and they end up losing the things they cherish the most: self-esteem, self-respect, home, family, friends, jobs, and their children. This doesn’t have to be because there is help available for those who wish to gain control of their lives. Call the Women’s SAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment) at 217-359-6636.

Our Mission

The Women’s SAFE House mission is to combat the incidence and impact of drugs and alcohol abuse among women; to empower these women to make informed choices about their future and the future of their dependent children.

Our Purpose

To provide a space environment for women suffering from drugs or alcohol addiction (shelter, food, clothing, counseling, Christian education, and guardianship for residents’ children).

About the Program

The women entering the program must first acknowledge she has a substance abuse problem. Once accepted, the applicant must agree to participate in a 12-month live-in program. While in the program, the resident will follow a disciplined regimen. Residents attend chapel, prayer service, classroom sessions, work projects and study hall each day. Your tax-deductible contribution will help to
cover the costs of:
• Meals
• Accomadations for the residents and their
• Substance abuse classes
• Family life skill classes
• Violence prevention classes
• Communication skill classes

Our Goal is to Provide

• A safe and drug-free shelter for women suffering from drugs or alcohol abuse
• A safe and drug-free shelter with host families for the dependent children
• Basic services (food, clothing, personal hygiene supplies, medical exam, health services, and legal services) for residents to recover from the use and abuse of drugs/ alcohol, so that they may re-enter society as responsible and fully functional citizens.
• Christian educational and Spiritual guidance that will serve as their foundation for re-entering society
• Counseling — Group and individual, so that the residents will understand the
need to use abuse drugs or alcohol
• A drug-free envionment for the residents to re-connect with their children
• Classes on self-esteem and self-development, so that those who do not have a high school diploma will have an opportunity to complete their GED
• Specialized services (medical exams, referrals, legal services, etc.) to those
women who may have been victims of domestic violence
• Advocates who will assist the women in their quest to live a drug-free life
• Legal consultations for residents as needed
• To eradicate the use and abuse of drugs or alcohol in the lives of women
• To return them to loved ones confident and substance abuse free
• Funds to keep the Women’s SAFE House in excellent condition
• Competitve salaries for staff

Only through your help and support can we reach out to help those in need.
Help us help those by giving.
For more information on this and other programs, call 217-367-2158.

Download the Women's SAFE House Brochure